Friday, August 1, 2008


We went to our weekly doctor’s visit on Wednesday. Dr. Crews says that I am physically making progress towards Isabella’s arrival, actually a little further along than he expected me to be at this point. At the end of our visit, he jokingly said, “See you next Wednesday…if not before!”

Well, that definitely jumpstarted something in me to make sure everything was ready. When we moved into our new place last Saturday my mom teased me that I certainly wasn’t “nesting” yet. She had to constantly ask me where I wanted to put things in the apartment because I just wasn’t overly concerned with it.

Since our doctor’s visit we’ve washed all of Isabella’s clothes, blankets, and bedding. Everything is set up in her room and our bedroom is even organized. I’m so thankful for Jacob’s patience with me and willingness to help as I point him in the direction of where I want things to be moved or put away. This is also a very humbling experience for me because I tend to want to do everything myself and I physically cannot.

All that is left to do is put away a few boxes into storage. When I finished washing last night, I told Isabella that it was okay for her to come now! I love how I think that just because I think I'm more ready that she will come. Ha ha! Hopefully we’ll be posting some pictures soon because Dr. Crews thinks she won’t be late…