Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

Ten months later! This afternoon I redeemed my gift certificate for my prenatal massage at Aqua the Day Spa. Don't get any thoughts. No, I'm not pregnant. Last year my sweet husband bought this gift certificate for me for Mother's Day. Well, between working, moving to a different appartment, preparing for a new school year and having a baby I never made time to actually go get my massage. Luckily enough the nice people at the spa let me get a Theraputic Deep Tissue Massage instead of the Prenatal one.

It was 60 minutes of wonderfulness. :) Afterwards they provide you with an amazing bathroom to shower in. I think I used every free Aveda product in there. I wish I could shower there every day...

Afterwards I got to have dinner at Keifers (Greek gyro place) with my best friend Kristy. It was great to just sit there for over an hour and talk. After dinner I ventured to Old Navy. I didn't buy anything but of course spent more time in the baby section than I did in my own area of the store. I just can't help but want to take care of my sweet little girl even if she's not with me. Even if it's her fashion needs!