Tuesday, July 29, 2008


After many months of reading my friends' "baby blogs", I've decided to create one of my own for our little Isabella. I know I've enjoyed keeping up with my friends this way and hopefully others will enjoy mine as well!

It's hard to believe that Isabella will be here soon. Anyone who knows me well knows that not knowing exactly when she will arrive is difficult. The Lord has been teaching me a lot through this whole process. The theme of this summer seems to be waiting. We found out at the end of the school year that we would be moving to a different building on MC's campus. Well, they had to renovate all the bathrooms in that building and we were not able to move in until just this past weekend. It probably would have been nice to of moved earlier but I haven't gone into labor yet and most of the house is unpacked so God's timing is still perfect!

So now all we are waiting on is Isabella. We've got her crib set up. We've got the car seat. Her belongings are organized and all that we need to do is wash her clothes. At least that's all I think is left to do... Part of me is so impatient about her coming but then the other side of me is just fine with waiting. Thoughts go through my head about whether or not I am truly prepared. I told a friend of mine just today that I feel like I am preparing for a big test in school and I have a lot more studying I need to do! I know that people have been having babies long before I even began desiring to have them. But the perfectionist in me wants to make sure that I know how to do it all wonderfully before she arrives. When to feed her, when to change her, when to bathe her, etc.

I think I could read baby books all day and still doubt whether or not I am prepared. This is just one more area where the Lord is teaching me that I must rely on Him. Not only rely on Him but admit that I am not and never will be perfect. Jacob and I have had many discussions on parenting. We know we will not be perfect. We know we will make mistakes. I have to constantly remind myself that in this, like everything else I've attempted in life, I must rely on God's strength and seek His grace and provision. I must boast in my weaknesses in order that He might be glorified. I pray that Isabella will see Christ in us and through us. It is my hope that she will always know she is loved but I pray also that our inadequacies will point her to her own great need for the Savior.

As you read this, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that the Lord will prepare us and encourage us as Jacob and I prepare to become parents. Thank you again to all of our friends who have already blessed us with such wonderful gifts for Isabella. She is already one well-clothed baby and she’s not even here yet! We look forward to introducing her to everyone…all in God’s perfect timing.


Mark said...

Beth & Jacob,
I read through the pics and notes on the baby. Great stuff. Keep up the good work and I will pray that you make good parents.

Much love,
Uncle Mark