Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 Week Doctor's Visit

We went in for Isabella's two week appointment today. I never imagined that it would be so full of laughter. When we got there I was a little nervous because there were several snotty-nosed children in the waiting room with us. I didn't want to touch anything out of fear of the germs! When we got in the back they told us to undress her down to her diaper so we could go weigh her. When we got the scale, the nurse asked us to take her diaper off. Something in me said...this is not a good idea :) As soon as they got her weight, she started pooping and peeing. Jacob picked her up to start wiping her off and she continued peeing! It went everywhere! Jacob, the nurse and I could not stop laughing. We even had people coming out of the other exam rooms to see what was going on! All that to say, she was a whopping 8 lbs and 1 oz. She's gained back her original birth weight plus some! She was 7 lbs and 3 oz. at birth.

The laughs didn't end with the weight measurement. When we got back to our exam room they placed her down on a mat to measure her length. The nurse took her temp in her bottom and as soon as she pulled the thermometer out, she started pooping again! Poor kid!

Overall it was a great visit. I feel bad for getting the whole place dirty. I guess everyone else should be worrying about the germs we left behind instead of the snotty-nosed kids :)The doctor said she looked great and we'll be back in four weeks to get her shots. I'm sure I'll need some moral support for that visit. I'm not excited about seeing those tears :(


Josh & Rachel Meredith said...

They should know what to expect from a naked baby. It's the joys of working in a pediatricians office. All new moms have the same fear of the germy toddlers, until your sweet baby is the toddler and know that everyone is shying away from your kid. It's very different how your perceptions change. Congratulations!