Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My girl's got a brand new ride!

I've been searching for a while trying to find a seat cover in a fabric pattern I liked. This was challenge for a detailed person like me because I wanted it to not only be a pattern I could live with but also a pattern that would be gender neutral if we happen to have a baby boy in the (distant) future. And of course Jacob needed to like it too!

Isabella will outgrow her baby car seat soon so I wanted to make sure to have a shopping cart cover for her to sit in on our (almost daily) trips to Kroger. Right now she contently sits in her car seat inside the cart while we cruise the isles. This is the pattern we decided on. We've placed our order and Isabella will get it for her birthday. Shhhh. Don't tell her!

Speaking of car seats, what kind of seats do you guys have for your kids who are over a year old? Jacob's project for this week is to research for Isabella's new seat.


Ashley said...

My mother in law is making me a shopping cart cover! We looked at several models (the KozyPal is my favorite) and we picked a vintage cowgirl fabric. I like the pattern you chose!

The Gundy Bunch said...

Britax roundabout or marathon... can't go wrong with Britax! :)

Fletchymama said...

We have a Roundabout for Noah and a Marathon for Olivia..both are GREAT!..Pricey, but they are some of the safest on the market and they've lasted a long time for us and still look great.

Alice Morgado said...

Just wanted to tell you that we have both a Britax Marathon and a First Years True Fit (we have one for each car... we figured that we'd eventually have to buy a second seat when we have another child, and this way we can take Jonah in either car). Anyway, I like the True Fit just as much as the Marathon, and it's MUCH cheaper. Also wanted to encourage you to keep Isabella rear-facing after she turns a year. I had planned to turn Jonah forward-facing until I stumbled upon information on how much safer it is to keep them rear-facing, and now I tell everyone I know... Just look up "extended rear facing" for more info.