Sunday, December 7, 2008

4 Months Old!

13 weeks old (Nov. 5th)

14 weeks old (Nov. 12th)

15 weeks old (Nov. 19th)

Dedication, Sunday, Nov. 23rd

16 weeks old (Nov. 26)
Thanksgiving in Birmingham

17 weeks old (Dec. 3rd)

Yesterday Isabella turned four months old. It's so hard to believe. She literally is "getting so big". Sometimes I like to step on the scale with her and last week it said she was around 15 pounds! I tried to measure her length as well but she wouldn't stop kicking. I think she's around 25" though. We go back to the pediatrician on Thursday and I'm excited to see how she's doing and what percentile she's in.

She's been learning lots of new tricks lately. Yesterday she finally mastered rolling over. She went from tummy to her back without any help. She's working on back to tummy but can't seem to get her little booty to go over with the rest of her body. Jacob and I got so excited when she rolled over but I'm realizing that soon we will wish that she weren't able to do it. Next thing I know she'll be crawling all over the place.

Other new tricks include sticking out her tongue, "talking" and making sounds that sound a lot like growling. It's pretty funny.

This past month has been pretty busy. Isabella had her baby dedication at church. We travelled to Birmingham for Thanksgiving. We had a dorm-wide Christmas party and a baby shower for our dear friends Molly and Ben. We're looking forward to the Christmas break and spending some time with family and friends.


UAB mom said...

she is so cute...i can't wait to meet her!